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I'm looking for help with my game!

About the project.
Here's video of the game before the refactor began ( )

3d roguelike game for both PC and mobile, tile-based and procedurally generated.
- Lot of crafting (digging the walls for resources - a little bit like minecraft in topdown view)
- tile based
- infinite procedurally generated levels
- crossplatform player saves - play from your PC or MOBILE with same character.

Right now im in the middle of refactoring the game from scratch - much has changed since then - on example we are no longer bound to grid movement, the fighting system has been improved, I've made chamber-based level editor to make custom rooms along with procedurally generated ones etc.

I want the game to be casual looking, stylized and pretty simple ( check out this pinteres board to have brief idea of what i'm aiming at - https://pl.pinterest.com/matszymwisniews/refkiroguelike/ )

Soo, this project i was working on for past three years and I've refactored it more time than i can remember. When I've started i had no idea about programming, and was made as a "learning" process. Now, after 3 years when my coding skills improved significally I can finally say I'm making the last refactor (promise!)

The gfx currently ingame is definitely not final and i've made it myslef (I work as a 3d generalist, and learned to code in my spare time)). I can make characters, rig, animate, model enviro, props etc, but since my main concern is coding the entire thing i don't have time to commit to art in 100% - , that's why i need you! Depending on what skillset you will bring to the team i will fill the gaps myself (on example. i can make characters,rigs, and animation)
Ideally i'm looking for one talented generalist artist, but if you are specialist that doesn't matter i will be more than happy to work with you too!

Areas i need help with



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