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Remesh/Retopology for WW2 Tanks

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Hey, me and my brother are working on a WW2 strategy game. I have a different post located here that has more details about it. The guy that was doing our tanks doesn't currently have enough time to remesh the tanks, but he can still texture them. We need someone to do remesh/retopology on all our vehicles. We are planning on having around 100 different vehicles in the game, but are currently focusing on the Russians and Germans. I know this can be tedious and not very fun work, so I'm not sure if it will be worth it for anyone. All we can offer is either 1% royalty on the game, or maybe we can pay per model, but that would likely only be $1-$2 per model. If you have any other suggestions for compensation let me know. These models are all CAD models that were originally made for 3d printing, so they need their vertice count reduced and the overall mesh cleaned up and optimized. I will attach an image of what an original model looks like, and what an optimized one looks like. If you have any questions I will be happy to answer. Thank you! :)

Here is an image of an original model - 

Here is one of an optimized tank - 

If you are interested send me a PM and I can give you more details.


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