3DS Max to Marmoset: Importing at Scale

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Hey so I was looking at Marmoset 3.06 with the idea of building an environment in it, but am having lots of trouble with importing at the right scale.

In short, everything I import comes in too large, at least according to the built in scale reference.

I first noticed this when I imported my entire scene. I had to scale the whole thing down in order to get it to match the proportions indicated by the scale reference. That's not great, but it's a complex scene already so I wanted to try with simpler geo.

I tried importing with a few cubes to better understand what my units should be. Currently I've been attempting to import a cube at the same height as the scale reference: 180cm. I've set my Max units to centimeters and Marmoset units to centimeters and tried a number of OBJ and FBX options and versions, but no dice so far. They still come in at this odd minimum hugeness.

Interestingly, I've also tried scaling my mesh down far below 180cm in Max and it comes in seemingly at the same size into Marmoset. My expectations are that I can import a 180cm tall cube and it will fit the height of scale ref guy and his sweet 'stache.

1) What am I not understanding here?


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