Lead 3D Art Generalist


RatDog Games is an indie team based out of Massachusetts. A majority of the team works remotely with schedules ranging from part time to full time. The team size ranges between 4-10 people depending on the current needs of the project.


We are looking for someone who can maintain our current art style in their own art creation as well as manage other artists we have working on the project full / part time ( currently a 3D artist / UI artist / vfx artist / concept artist). It will be important that this candidate have strong 3D modeling / texturing abilities as to maintain our current art style and assist other contractors in doing the same.


The project is titled Gunnhildr, an FPS Rogue-Lite strongly influenced by Norse Mythology.

Project Overview Document:


Gunnhildr Visual Style Guide:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/31cp8fpkbm9vl6u/Gunnhildr Visual Style Guide.pdf?dl=0

Current Gameplay Video:



  • Wear many hats at the studio based on what the project needs the most assistance with at the time ( illustrations / 3D art creation / animations / vfx /etc.)
  • Strong 3D Modeling / Texturing skills [Extensive Maya / Zbrush Experience]
  • Willingness to learn new techniques / art related talents as potentially needed throughout the project
  • Lead other artists on the project assisting them with completing their tasks, assigning new tasks and ensuring that their tasks are completed in a timely fashion
  • Comfortable working in Unity 3D
  • Work with other partners on the project playtesting, designing and overseeing the project as a whole


  • 3D animation skills
  • Experience creating VFX in Unity 3D
  • Experience / strong interest in FPS / Rogue-Lite genres
  • Comfortable / experience streaming your work

The project is roughly 50% complete at this point and we need a talented artist to come on board and assist us in bringing the project to completion.

The ideal candidate would be based out of Massachusetts, USA because that’s where the other partners are but that is not required.

Feel free to email [email protected] to further discuss the position

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