3D Artists/Modeller Required to design few models for an android game project.

Hello There,
We are a tiny virtual team of game developers and programmers (namely Bugless Bytes) and we are working on our next android game, or to be more specific we are done with 90% of the programming, so all that is left to do now is that we need to replace Prototype models in our game with actual decent looking models.
A Glimpse of gameplay : CLICK ME TO WATCH GAMEPLAY

We need someone who can design
1. Quadcopter/drone models (textured, u can either use free commercial textures or design one urself if u r good at it)
2. Familiar with blender (not really mandatory but it would be good since im little bit myself familiar with blender )
3. Familiar with unity (this again is not mandatory but since we are using Unity3D for game development, it would be good if u know some ABCD of unity, if you aren't familiar then never mind, we will arrange a small walkthrough for you, but in any case we need to make sure u keep unity's asset pipeline in mind while designing models to avoid any scale related issue or glitches when we import ur fbx model )

You can collaborate by sending some of your work samples/pictures / videos or anything that shows ur skill level
Contact us here
1. Send us a message on Facebook Page : CLICK HERE TO VISIT FACEBOOK PAGE

If in case the above link doesn't work or you are not so active on facebook or any other reason, some other ways are
2. Email me here : [email protected]

We are posting this here because we want to make it very clear that chances of earning anything through this project is slim but we are trying to figure out ways to monetize the game later on, so although we cannot 100% say that you would get monetization benefit, but if by any chance we would be able to get some penny out of this, i will be distributing the revenue among all collaborators. (So far we are 2 people working on this)

Thank you and i will be awaiting for your response :)

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