Sci Fi Corridor

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Hermit_Homeboy polycounter lvl 6
I am making a sci fi corridor based on this piece by Ricean Vlad.

My goal is to make it with only a handful of texture maps. I didn't make any high polys. I'm still figuring out Substance Painter but I think I figured out a proper workflow by organizing the assets that share uvs into it's own material and export them as a sample .fbx for painting. The ones below are just texture sets 01 and 03. I'll then vary the modular pieces further with the UE4 material instances. The only ones not sharing uvs are the doors because i plan to just make them vary with, again, the UE4 material instances.

Anyway, any critiques or helpful links/tips to an efficient ZBrush->Maya->Substance->UE4 pipeline that deals with modular assets are very welcome! Because I'm just flying by the seat of my pants here trying to figure it out.


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