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Project Name: End Chapter: Master Of Macroix

Description: ∑nd Chapter: Master Of Macroix is a fantasy, action and adventure game. That has exploring & discovery elements. Developed by Digams CORP.

“A young maiden awakens from her slumber to face a hostile world, where she must uncover the truth of her origins to aptly battle the forces of evil. This battle will send her down on a path that follows an ancient legend with the potential to change the world. ”

*The story of End Chapter: Master Of Macroix focuses on a young girl named Aura. She is involved in an ancient conflict that has extended beyond the multiverse

Roles Needed:

  • -Level Designer:  the level designers will be responsible for helping design the level his fellow level designers. We currently have two employed. This level takes place in a forest.  (Will attach a layout to this message)
  • -Rigger: the rigger will be responsible for rigging the character models with the standard UE4 skeleton hierarchy. This is ideal so we can re target animations for every single character.
  • -Programmer
  • -Game Designer
  • -Other (If you are interested on joining our team you can do on the form below.

Payment: Everyone developing the test level is working as collaborators, but once the test level is done and we successfully gain funding, everyone will be paid at an hourly rate to develop the full game.

Interested: Apply here:

Engine: Unreal (current version)

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