Level Designer / Scripter - Hekate (Berlin, Germany)

Hekate is a team of experienced game devs focusing on atmospheric high quality gaming experiences. Currently, we are working on our first title 'Ad Infinitum' a first person survival horror game set in World War 1.
Start: Jun 2019
Location: Berlin, Germany

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  • Creating levels and placing assets (visual-assets/audio-assets/scripts).
  • Creating the required mood for levels while ensuring that all gameplay requirements, and technical optimisation is met.
  • Coming up with creative and effective ways of combining assets.
  • Scripting simple logic using the blueprint system.
  • Creating interesting and unique sceneries that communicate a story.
  • Taking responsibility of various environments and working them through to completion.
  • Playtesting and iterating levels.
  • Constantly improving and advocating the inhouse pipeline.
  • Collaborating with everyone in the team to build the best game experience possible.
  • Delivering timely and high-quality results.
  • Actively seeking out, incorporating and providing feedback to and from the team.
  • Highly motivated and contributing to a positive working environment.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 1+ years of level design experience for console or PC games.
  • At least two projects created in UE4 (not necessarily commercial).
  • Advanced experience with the BluePrint system of UE4.
  • Experience in game design and player guidance.
  • Basic experience with programming.

Preferred Skills & Experience:

  • Excellent World Building and scene composition skills.
  • Very good understanding of: composition, form, light, shade, color and detail.
  • Strong understanding of the PBR Workflow and Material-Shader.
  • Experience with the particle System of UE4
  • Very structured & organized.
  • Fluid spoken and written communication skills in english.
  • Excellent Time management, Creative Process and Production Process skills.
  • Bachelor level education in a related field (not mandatory).

Other optional Experience:

  • German speaking (not mandatory!!!).
  • Any experience with the following software: UE4, Maya LT, ZBrush, Substance Designer, Substance Painter,
    Adobe Creative Suite, Marvelous Designer.
  • Basic experience with rigging and/or animating in Maya.
  • Experience working on FPS or horror game.

What we offer:

  • Becoming a key member of the company.
  • Flat hierarchy.
  • Flexible work hours.
  • Crunch avoiding philosophy.
  • Reasonable creative freedom.
  • Skilled, friendly and highly motivated colleagues.
  • Living in the IT Capitol Berlin + the healthcare and social security benefits of germany
  • Skilled, friendly and highly motivated colleagues.

Applicants must deliver a resume and Portfolio to be considered for this position.

If you are interested in the position, please email us with subject 'Application for Level Design'!

[email protected]

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