Critique for this 2D narrative concept // thanks


The prompt for this piece is: A black market selling combat gear, prosthetics and weapons to a rebel force
I am looking for a critique of this narrative concept art piece:

Anything goes: concept? composition? Lighting/values? Colors/textures? etc...


Thank you


  • bystry
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    bystry triangle
    Hi, nice work, but at first glance I thought there are 2 artworks. I thought like that because you wasnt sure where you want to have focal point and main theme on picture. Also strong vertical dark value and different light colors emphasize that feeling. I think you should go back to composition and values on this one and change them to support your focal point. Maybe move this corner from the middle to 2/3 and dim that blue light on right side. I hope i helped a little bit. And sorry for my english;)
  • pxp_illu_design
    Hey, don't be sorry for your English, it's my second language as well and I am in no position to judge anyone :)

    As for your comments, I do see your point and you have valid claims to support your argument. I'll work on emphasizing one focal point and bridge the two elements of the picture to unify the feeling.

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