Please crit my Atlantis Flyer

Hi everyone,

I am new here! I would like to improve my skills aiming to become a professional modeler/environment artist for the game/VR industry. I started chasing this dream in July 2018. 

Any crit/feedback about my latest model is much appreciated! I recreated the flyer from the 1997's game Atlantis the lost tales. 

I used Maya for modeling and I textured in Substance. I painted al the normals in Substance as well and I am wondering myself if I should have made a high poly sculpt. I have some Mudbox knowledge.

I used 4 texture sets.
one for the wooden body
one for the emissive energy in the wings (because i want the energy to move. Gonna animate the offset of the texture)
one for the globe
and one for the throne/roof 

Thanks in advance for your crit/feedback!

The Sketchfab link:

Iray Render:

Reference Images. Screenshots from the playtrough on youtube: watch?v=V7Y6gd7dA74


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