[WIP] [UE4] Modular Vehicle Vol. 2

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Currently, I'm working on the next volume of Modular Vehicle project. In this thread, I will post my progress on it.

Following vehicles were used as references in order to make modules for this pack:
  • Bereg A-222 130mm coastal mobile artillery system
  • АА-60-160-01 Airport Crash Tender Vehicle
  • MAZ 543 cargo truck
  • Fighting vehicle for support combat duty missile system
  • 9K58 "Smerch"
Main features:
  • 5 vehicle presets with a lot of module combinations between them
  • Advanced customization system
  • Dynamic vehicle creation at runtime
  • Add your own modules/module types to extend existing capabilities
  • N-wheeled vehicle support
  • Different anti-stuck measures (savepoints, automatic and manual respawn, wheel jumpers)
  • AI for aircraft, character, vehicle
  • Health/Damage system
  • Various weapon and projectile blueprints
  • Showcase level with advanced landscape material setup and procedural grass and trees placement
  • Snow/Dirt trails with displacement support
  • Procedural Wet/Sand/Mud/Snow surface effects on the vehicle
  • Lots of built-in useful blueprints: teleporter, capture point, enemy spawner, etc.
Customization System features:
  • Change Materials
  • Edit selected module material
  • Edit all materials at once
  • Material layers support
  • Texture masks support
  • Custom skins support
  • Support for changing custom scalar, vector and texture parameters
  • Change Modules
  • Change Decals
  • Save/Load vehicle data
  • Pre-defined vehicle configurations
  • Weapons/accessories support via custom sockets
  • Module compatibility checks
  • Module installation checks
  • Take screenshots
  • Change environments
  • Customization level
  • Test all module actions
Vehicle weapons:
  • Artillery turret
  • Rocket launcher turret
  • Rocket pod
  • Gatling gun
  • Rotateable machine gun
  • Automatic AA turret
Module types:
  • Chassis
  • Main Module
  • Cabin
  • Side Bags
  • Back Stand
  • Stopper
  • Middle Section
  • Weapons
  • Accessories
  • Boosters
  • Engine
  • Brakes
Latest update:


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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    Reference images:

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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    Day 3

    I didn't take any images of the first couple of days, because I wasn't sure if it worth to show them.
    Currently, I'm working on a high poly model. Lots of things need to be done, but at least I modeled main shapes and started to add more details to them.

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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    Day 4.

    Completed detalization of the turret and started to work on the middle section.

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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    Day 5.
    Completed middle section. Next is a driver's cabin.

    Have an idea to make the whole vehicle modular, because on this chassis (MAZ-543) created a lot of vehicles, so it would be nice to swap artillery to rockets or change driver's cabin (or maybe add some crazy sci-fi modifications). Collections in Blender 2.8 makes this possible because now each huge component (like the whole turret) now exists in separate collections and I can easily export them, duplicate to make a high poly/game ready version or hide them.

    Today I opened a new little trick for myself. Usually, I'm adding bevel modifier before subdiv modifier to save mesh form instead of putting a lot of edge loops (hello, Maya LT). But there is another way to achieve the same result plus add additional polishing effect. All you need to do is to add creases on all required edges, add subdiv modifier and then bevel modifier. Sounds like just swapping two modifiers, but it will help to save a lot of time, required to migrate asset to ZBrush, dynamesh and polish it when you can't achieve the same effect in a reasonable time with poly modeling in Blender (especially with complex booleans and curved surfaces). This method, however, not works every time and depends on the mesh topology after subdiv with creases and you need to tune the amount of bevels/subdivs to achieve the required result.

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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    Day 6. 

    That was a tough day. Around 16 hours of modeling, but I finally finished the driver's cabin and chassis.
    Next goal is to polish all pieces and split model into two variants: high poly with Subdivs and game ready model. Then make UV, explode all parts and bake normal/curvature/ao/etc maps.
    It probably will take a couple of days and after that, I can start doing texturing.

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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3

    Day 9

    Polishing - done. Simple cabin interior - done. High poly - done. Game ready with UV - done. Almost completed baking. Probably need another one day.
    Really boring days with a monotonous work of processing hundreds of meshes.
    Some renders of high poly version: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/OyPKRk

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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    A little remark about collections in Blender 2.8, which I used heavily during modeling this vehicle. I found that you really can't hide them or to be more specific, unload temporarily from the project. What I mean is that if your collection costs you 3-4 Gb of RAM and you make a duplicate, your project will cost twice more memory and hiding collection means only visual hiding and you won't save any memory. Because of that, for baking purposes, I have to make a separate .blend file, where I explode meshes properly. Also, if you duplicated collection for making high poly and it still has an animation keyframes, then low poly object animation playback will be extremely slow too, like if hidden collection moves too (and it probably really moves).
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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    Day 10.
    Bake is done.

    First of all, I manually exploded game ready and high poly meshes in Blender to prevent any baking artifacts. I exported 8 vehicle parts (each part exists in a separate collection, like cabin or turret).
    Then I used Marmoset Toolbag 3 to bake Normal/Curvature/AO/World space/Position/Thickness maps, which I will use later in Substance Painter. I like to use MT3 because it allows you to interactively draw skew/offset masks to fix a lot of baking artifacts and it really bakes everything fast. I also baked Bent Normals/Height maps, which maybe I will use later in a game engine (height for Parallax Occlusion, for example). All maps are baked in 4K resolution to achieve the best possible quality and later can be adjusted in Substance Painter/Game Engine if needed. Normal Maps baked in a 16-bit format to prevent any banding/reflection artifacts (but in the game engine I will import 8 bit until I see those reflection artifacts for certain meshes).

    Exploded model in Marmoset Toolbag 3

    Game ready model with applied baked maps in Substance Painter viewport

    Some stats:

    High Poly has 10kk polygons.
    LOD0 has 200k polygons at this moment. I made a little research and found that cars in current AAA racing games may contain 200-300k polygons, so I think for a hero asset with such amount of details it's fine. LOD1 probably will be around 80k polygons, other LODs will contain even less amount of polygons by removing lots of pieces, which aren't visible from a distant view.

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    CybranM greentooth
    Nice work, model looks great! :smiley:

    The mesh and baked normals look great, I look forward to seeing how the textures turn out.
    Its always interesting to read about other peoples workflow, I'll have to try baking in marmoset :)
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    Aydhe polygon
    very nice work, your normals also look super crispy. I wonder, how long have you spent on it so far?
  • kelheor
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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    Aydhe said:
    very nice work, your normals also look super crispy. I wonder, how long have you spent on it so far?
    10 days. It is written in the last post.
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    Day 11
    Mostly a technical day.

    The goal was to set the UE4 project and get a simple driveable vehicle. I used my previous project - Modular Vehicle - as a base for this project to speed up things.
    I'm planning to use layered materials and use Substance Painter mostly for drawing masks to save a reasonable amount of memory. So basically I will use UE4 viewport to look at the end result of texturing instead of Substance Painter viewport. This was one of the reasons to make UE4 project before doing any texturing. Maybe I will try to use SP Livelink plugin, but not sure if it works with custom materials - I need to do some research. I also don't know yet whether I will use relatively new UE4 layered material feature or will use my own custom layered material, which I used to make another one vehicle almost 2 years ago.
    I used a slightly modified lighting setup from Paragon Assets for material calibration purposes. I didn't use any textures in UE4 yet (not even normal maps).
    What else? I made rigs for each vehicle part, which will be animatable. The vehicle can be driven already - one of the hardest parts of work in UE4 - single mistake or wrong bone rotation and your vehicle will fly to the sky when the game will start.

    Some useful tips:
    If you have mirror modifier - make sure that Bisect is not selected - otherwise, you may encounter problems after mesh rotation/scaling
    Apply array modifier before applying rotation or your mesh position will be shifted
    Apply solidify modifier before making UV
    For armature set rotation X to -90 and scale to 0.01 for UE4
    A vehicle for UE4 should be placed in X forward axis
    If you found that your vehicle is not looking at X forward axis, then parent it to an empty object, located in 0.0.0 and rotate the empty object in a way so the vehicle will look at the correct axis, then unparent vehicle from empty.

    Tomorrow will start working on materials/texturing.

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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    Just a render for fun in ZBrush

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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3

    Day 14
    Texturing workflow established.

    After some research, I finally decided to use the same workflow as Epic Games used for Paragon. I tried to use layered material system (spent one day for that) but then saw that currently this system is discontinued (things may change this year or may not), so I didn’t risk to use it right now and rewrite everything with default material functions/materials. Of course, things may be much faster with layered materials feature (really much faster), but I found that currently it’s not stable and materials may not update automatically after tweaks, which may cause a lot of troubles.

    I also tried to use Substance live-link plugin for UE4 but didn’t found how to use custom export presets, so it is currently useless for this workflow.

    In Substance Painter, I did three custom export presets. One is for a single Base Material and contains Grim/Scratch/Custom/AO map. Second is for a Base Material + 3 Additional Materials + Grim/Scratch/Custom/AO. And the last one is for Base Material + 6 Additional Materials + Grim/Scratch/Height/AO (currently not in use).

    Current custom channels:

    U0 - Rubber

    U1 - Steel

    U2 - Black Metal

    U3 - Grime

    U4 - Scratch

    U5 - Dust

    What should be done next?

    • Better grime/scratch/dust masks

    • Better tiling materials for metals and rubber

    • Support of camouflages

    • Maybe add support for snow/wetness.

    • Paint additional normal details

    There is also a chance that I will temporarily stop working on materials and start doing modules because it’s almost half a month, but guns still not firing :D

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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    Day 16.

    I didn't work on this project for one week due to various reasons and resumed work only yesterday, so it's a 16 day of work on it.

    These two days I worked on various modules, so yes, the vehicle now operatable, but still not impressive. Lot's of work ahead.

    Turret test #1:

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    CybranM greentooth
    Oh wow, that Unreal scene is looking nice already :smiley:
    Cant wait to see the final version
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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    Day 18

    Again, a huge break from working on this project, during which I learned that getting fun in games is more important than any AAA graphics quality.

    What's new:

    - Better headlights
    - Full gamepad support
    - More normal details added to the vehicle
    - Camouflage support

    What I should do next:

    - Multiplayer support
    - Vehicle customization system
    - Environment for Showcase level
    - New vehicle modules
    - Various material improvements
    - Projectiles. Lots of them.
    - SFX, VFX, Polishing

    I'm writing this activity log mostly for myself to analyze my performance and quickly recall workflow in a case when I dived deeply in programming and need to shift to artist mode.

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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    Day 35

    Not dead yet. Still working on this project from time to time (amount of days in the title is an amount of actual days when I worked on this project).

    What’s new:
    - Customization system is almost done (in-game materials and modules tweaking). This feature required to remake all internal architecture of the vehicle, so it took most of the time. The video will be soon.
    - Multiplayer support temporarily delayed due to vehicle movement replication bugs in UE4
    - New modules have been added. Still need to make around 10 modules at least.

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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3

    Day 45

    Customization System Test #1


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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3

    Day 47
    Experimenting on Showcase Environment

    I started to work on the Showcase level environment. Currently doing lots of research on landscape materials and vegetation. This screenshot was done during the research of some assets from Kite Demo. I don’t have a lot of experience in building open world environments, so things going slowly. Also working on new vehicle modules, one of them (fighting vehicle for support combat duty missile system) will be presented in the next update.

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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    Day 49

    Completed high poly version of fighting vehicle for support combat duty missile system.

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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    Day 50.

    Game ready version is ready. Turret also working fine.

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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3

    Day 52

    Completed high poly version of 9K58 “Smerch”

  • kelheor
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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    In this short tip, I want to describe my workflow of making vehicles for this project.

    0. Decide what you want to make.

    1. Gather references. You need all sides of the vehicle because they are mostly asymmetrical.

    2. Make high poly mesh by using reference images. I'm using Blender. Mostly I'm using the following modifiers: mirror, bevel, subdiv, triangulate, array, boolean, sometimes solidify and wireframe.

    3. When high poly is ready, it's time to clean everything. Start from checking and applying Scale/Rotation.

    4. Then you need to check your modifiers:
        - Make sure that bevel has 4 segments to prevent issues with materials. I'm using Angle or Weigh Limit Mode. Sometimes it's useful to use Clamp Overlap or set bevel weighs manually (I'm using HOps, so most of the weights are set automatically).
        - Make sure that your mirror modifier doesn't have Bisect or Flip U/V checkboxes selected. One Flip U checked and you're risking to redo a lot of o work due to UV overlapping after export, so check carefully.
        - Make sure that your meshes have triangulate modifier with Keep Normals on. It helps in a situation when you don't have a good topology and don't want any issues with UV later.
        - If you're using subdiv, 2 subdivisions are enough for baking.
        - Apply boolean or solidify modifiers if you didn't do this already.
        - If you have linked duplicates, which exists in multiple collections, make sure execute "Make single user" command with Object Data checkbox selected, so each collection have duplicates, related to their own collection and they not shared between collections.

    5. Apply materials to your meshes. If you have HOps, you can select multiple objects, press Alt+M and apply a material to all selected objects.

    6. Make UV for your meshes. Use Shift+L hotkey to select all objects with the same material to pack UV. For cylinders do UV manually, for box-like meshes Smart Unwrap mostly is enough. Apply Average Island Scale before packing your UV. Don't forget to apply solidify modifier before doing UV.

    7. Create a rig for your meshes:
        - For armature set rotation X to -90 and scale to 0.01 for UE4
        - A vehicle for UE4 should be placed in X forward axis
        - Use 3D cursor and Shift-S hotkey to place bones in the exact location.
        - Use Ctrl+P -> With Empty Groups to bound meshes to an armature
        - Set vertex groups for your meshes.
        - Make sure that everything works fine in Pose mode

    8. Save everything and exit Blender. Then copy your .blend file and rename postfix from High Poly to Game Ready. Open a new file in Blender.

    9. For each mesh remove unnecessary (for low poly model) meshes, remove bevel and subdiv modifiers. Rename collection names postfix from High Poly to Game Ready.

    10. Save everything again and exit Blender. Then copy your .blend file and rename postfix from Game Ready to Bake. Open a new file in Blender.

    11. Append high poly collections into your bake file. Unhide all collections except current high poly and game ready for the selected model. Then by selecting similar meshes and moving them, explode model parts to get better baking results.

    12. Export your bake meshes (2 meshes for each model - high poly and game ready for baking) and import them into Marmoset Toolbag.

    13. Add baker, Set Multiple Texture Sets checkbox, select required materials, select all maps except Material ID, Set Fix Mirrored Tangents checkbox, Change output name, set samples to 16x, for Normal maps set Flip Y checkbox if you're using UE4, set High Poly and Low Poly meshes, hide High Poly. Make test bake with normal map only to see if everything is ok. Then bake all other maps. Paint Scew/Offset if needed.

    14. Open Game Ready .blend file and export your game ready models with armatures (you can also export the combined mesh, which contains all models, to simplify the texturing process). Open Substance Painter 2, import your mesh and baked textures. Apply baked textures. Add custom channels (L8). Apply masks and export normal maps + masks + RGBAO maps (packed with Grime/Scratch/Dust/AO masks).

    15. Import your game ready meshes and created textures into UE4. For masks texture set compression settings to masks. Make Physics Assets for meshes. Apply non-customizable materials (like mirror material) to the meshes. Create blueprints for new modules.

    16. Test that everything works and looks fine.
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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    Day 54

    Completed game ready version of 9K58 “Smerch”
    Artstation (video included): https://www.artstation.com/artwork/BmJQvm 

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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    Day 56

    What's new:
    • Vehicle got much stable driving behavior - no more sudden stops due to landscape irregularities or crazy spinning wheels when they in the air (now it's a per tire check if wheels touching ground instead of a general check for all tires)
    • Lots of improvements and bug fixes, related to inter-module communications
    • Worked a little on customization level demo environments as well as on the ability to take screenshots

    In-game customization level screenshot examples:

  • Shrike
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    Shrike greentooth
    Model looks good but the textures need some work   
    The edge wear is way too even and looks like generated, try add some much larger scale details and erase 25% of your edge wear randomly, which is always a good trick. The base surfaces could also need some more variation. Adding some bleaching or dirt gradient on the sides would also help a lot make it look less samey.
    Try also make the tires way rougher and maybe more of a light blue tint or such, right now it looks like toy plastic

    Below the paint, there is the paint primer (which would be the white edge wear you are using, at least it looks like it) but the stronger wear (which is lacking) would go through that and reveal metal, which would surface darker highlights, giving it a far richer edge definition

    Recently found this channel which is also really great to get better at wear
  • Tosmo
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    Tosmo polycounter lvl 2
    Awesome project!

    That modeling workflow breakdown is super useful, I'm definitely saving this for future reference.

    I would love to see some more renders of the textured game ready model.
  • kelheor
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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    Shrike said:
    Model looks good but the textures need some work   
    Indeed, texturing is one of my weak spots. Thanks for the video, it will help me a lot.
    One of the problems is that I need to provide such mask maps, which will be looking good by default and after you tune them in-game via customization system. Maybe the player would like to drive a pink vehicle, or colored into their country flag? Somebody like clean vehicles, somebody like dirty ones. I still need to do a lot of work on materials - for example, add support for dynamic snow/wet/dirt support, depending on landscape material. Don't know at this moment when I will start working on that because currently there are also a lot of other tasks in such areas like environment(landscape, foliage, trees, rocks), projectiles, vehicle code itself, AI, customization system, UI, SFX, VFX, etc... 
  • sacboi
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    sacboi polycounter

    Good job overall, congrat's and really appreciate the effort documenting both your thought process alongside this project's workflow. I'm thinking about doing something similar but a tracked vehicle, utilising another IDE.


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    hendrix polycounter lvl 10
    Amazing work. 
  • kelheor
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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    Day 58
    Working on the landscape.

    This time I'm trying to use Gaea instead of World Machine to make height and layer maps for landscape. 
    The hardest thing in creating an open-world environment is to make everything compatible with everything else. Grass color should match landscape color to prevent any visible borders between near and far landscape tiling. Same with trees, rocks and all other assets. The whole landscape should match to real-world references and at the same time to the story and gameplay. I mean it's rather easy to make a good looking slice of open world for artwork, but pretty hard to make things work in real games, especially for such novices in this area, like me. On the other hand, the purpose of the Showcase level is to make the environment to test vehicles (with some basic quests and story), so I don't need to make a lot of assets for this. But I still need to add rocks, trees, buildings, landmarks and make it all compatible with each other in 1-2 weeks maximum because there are tons of other tasks and time is running out. Hope I will do this somehow...

  • kelheor
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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    Day 60

    Learning new things. Established basic tree creation workflow. Experimenting with rocks and debris (unsuccessfully, can't make them compatible with landscape). Tweaking everything. Improving materials. Doing some other stuff. Nothing too exciting, but this is fine at this moment.

    Here's a little video of the current state of landscape:

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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    Day 62

    What's new:

    - Accessories support (hats for vehicles, yay!).
    - Boosters support (now you can use good old nitro to speed up the vehicle or use jumpers to make small jumps)
    - Pause menu.
    - Ability to change the camera in First Person Character blueprint - from first to third-person view. Body in the first-person view is also visible.
    - Installed modules now have text indicator to separate them from non-installed.
    - Now you can add infinite amount of module types with socket-based attachment. Previously only weapons can be installed in such way.
    - Modules now can execute multiple actions instead of single activate/deactivate events.
    - Documentation improvements

    I also moved to Jira instead of just plain text document to manage tasks, because the number of tasks much more exceeded one hundred and keep growing so I felt that I need better tools to manage this project.

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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    Day 64

    What's new:

    - Automatic Turret - will find and shoot enemy automagically. You can see a demo of it in the video below.
    - Rotateable machine Gun - rotate it with the mouse cursor to shoot&drive at the same time
    - Enemy Aircraft AI - simple patrolling, seeking for the enemy, chasing and attacking it.
    - Bugfixes and small improvements

    According to my calculations I still need around 1-2 months to complete this project.

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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    Day 68

    What's new:

    - Module stats system, which currently supports armor, shields, shields recovery speed, damage, max torque, max brake, nitro and jumpers energy, nitro and jumpers recovery speed
    - New internal module types (and modules of those types): engine, brakes
    - New main menu (demo in the video below)
    - Options menu
    - Module info widget
    - Module quality with stats auto-amplification support (from Common to Legendary)
    - Aircraft AI improvements
    - Now you can use pre-defined vehicle configurations per actor to load specific versions of the modular vehicle on the levels (or you can manually set required modules per actor as it was before) 
    - Now you can load vehicle data via construction script (with some limitations) to make level adjustments before launching a game (may be useful if you want to setup lighting, for example)

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    Olingova polycounter lvl 4
    Crazy post i am amazed by how big that "little project" starts to be!!! Super clean model :) Are you gonna add some marking on this guy? Decals and such?
  • kelheor
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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    Olingova said:
    Crazy post i am amazed by how big that "little project" starts to be!!! Super clean model :) Are you gonna add some marking on this guy? Decals and such?
    Will try at least. But before that, I need to make tasks related to projectiles and do the first stage of polishing everything, which will probably take week or two. Then I will start improving materials, continue my work on the environment, do the final polishing stage and then it will be a time to finish that project.
  • kelheor
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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    Day 72

    Lots of various projectiles improvements.

    Master projectile blueprint got new cluster charge properties. Now by changing initial properties you can spawn and control child projectiles.
    You can use two targeting modes: selected actor or random enemy in search radius. You can spawn specific projectile or random projectiles from the list.
    You can spawn any amount of projectiles. Actually, you can spawn any actor, like drones or paratroopers. You can select various targeting modes for spawned projectiles.
    And you also can orient spawned projectiles to the ground (useful for projectiles with gravity), or spawn them in a sphere-like manner (useful for rockets).

    New projectiles:
    - Cluster charge
    - Rocket with a UAV(drone), which will shoot enemies with rockets
    - Homing multi-missile with random target selection

    I also added 2 drones, rocket, bomb, and artillery projectile meshes, which will replace placeholder meshes, which were used before.

    The trajectory of artillery projectiles now also visible to make it easier to predict impact point before shooting.

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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    Day 76

    First polishing sprint has been completed.

    What's new:

    - Vehicle HUD improvements - Main module UI / Active weapon UI.
    - Documentation improvements. Documentation will be available here.
    - Gamepad support improvements.
    - Customization UI improvements - instead of two separate scroll boxes now we have a single panel on the left side of a screen to maximize visible area.
    - Ammo/reloading support per main module projectile / vehicle weapon.
    - LODs (all modules have skeletal meshes, so LODs were done manually).
    - Collision improvements.
    - The character now seats inside the driver's cabin (proper animation has been added).
    - Boosters mesh has been added (previously the only VFX were visible during nitro/jumpers activation).
    Next sprint will be focused on materials.

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    SaWDo polycounter lvl 3
    Amazing work, keep it up !
  • kelheor
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    kelheor polycounter lvl 3
    Day 86:

    Didn't work on this project for a rather long period of time. Finally completed material sprint. Two more sprints to finish.

    What's new:

    - Decals support - ability to place decals on the vehicle via customization system
    - Snow/Dirt trails with displacement support (2 various methods to capture trails - via depth check with landscape and via particles and ground affectors)
    - Procedural Wet/Sand/Mud/Snow surface effects on the vehicle when moving on proper physical material. All effects are layered and have various interaction rules (like water dries after N seconds, dust can be sand can be washed off with water, etc).
    - Wetness/Sand/Mud/Snow landscape layers
    - New grime/scratch/dust masks for all modules
    - Support for triplanar mapping in local space
    - Better tiling materials for metals/dielectrics
    - Substance Painter Master Material for Vehicle Module now available here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ubFUudIxBloodga1h3T5QmSlayaHojiJ
    - Camouflage mask now can affect roughness and metallic intensity. 

    Next sprint will be focused on the environment.

  • Olingova
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    Olingova polycounter lvl 4
    Nice! For the surface effect i would make them affect the vehicle way faster; looks a bit too slow to get full of sand or snow right now i think but really nice touch!
  • kelheor
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    Olingova said:
    Nice! For the surface effect i would make them affect the vehicle way faster; looks a bit too slow to get full of sand or snow right now i think but really nice touch!
    I'm not sure how things going in real life, but I think speed is fine because when vehicle warm and dry, snow/sand won't affect vehicle in 1-2 seconds. But it might be a good idea to take into consideration the current state of surface effects, so if the vehicle is wet, then the sand will be accumulated faster, for example.
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    Day 96:

    What's new:

    General improvements:
    - Vehicle AI, Aircraft AI, and Character AI improvements.
    - First Person Character HUD, Health/Death support and Game Over screen.

    Showcase environment improvements:
    - Mountain Tunnels
    - Vehicle Bunker
    - Graviton Research Facility

    New features:
    - Teleporter blueprint
    - Capture point blueprint
    - Elevator blueprint
    - Spawner volume blueprint
    - Sequencer trigger volume blueprint
    - Spline mesh blueprint
    - Door blueprint
    - Button blueprint
    - UsableActorsTrigger blueprint

    All those blueprints not just doing things that they have to do but also have various additional features. For example, an elevator can disable physics for characters/vehicles/other actors during elevation and move actors manually (via SetActorLocation) or by physics. The teleporter can teleport automatically or by pressing Use key (and you can use auto-teleport on one side and manual teleport on another side). Spawn volume can control the initial rotation/scale of spawned actors, spawn certain or infinity amount of actors, spawn AI or non-AI actors). A capture point can run certain cinematic or fire dispatcher calls on point capture. Spline mesh can be continuous or discrete and you can use static or skeletal meshes. Sequencer trigger can be repeated infinity or a single time, reversed on repeat or with certain play rate. The door blueprint can be activated by various methods (by character/vehicle/elevator/use method/capture point) and can be rotated/moved in the selected axis for a specific amount of time. Button and UsableActorsTrigger blueprint can activate multiple usable actors at once.

    I wanted to add more content to the Showcase level, but I'm planning to finish this project within 100 days, so various things might be available only in the next volume of the Modular Vehicle Project.
    The remaining time I will spend on polishing this project.

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