[Blender] Procedural Game Ready Rocks and Cliffs

Recently I've been experimenting with procedural modeling in Blender, specifically with Displacement and I've found out a great way to create procedural rocks and cliff

I saw THIS 3 min tutorial and it set me off into a rabbit hole.

I created a base shape for my cliff or rock and then set dynotopo to a high detail to have around 500k tris and did some quick sculpt to give it more shape and then smooth everything out. Then I started applying the displacements on top of each other.

I've found out that if you set the Displacement texture mapping to Empty Object, You can move, scale and rotate the displaced mesh and it will keep changing because the displacement texture is mapped to "world coordinates" in way. 

Here are some examples of my work, all these were made completely with the displacement just by dragging around and playing with variations.


What do you guys think about this approach and what could be improved ?

Let me know and follow me on my social media for updates on my work





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