2D Artist / Storyboarder Needed [Freelance - Competitive Pay] [Update: Reviewing Current Applicants]

Update: March 15 - Thank you all so much for applying to my project! I am currently reviewing each email I have received so far, and do not expect to need further applications. 

Hi Everyone,

We are looking for a 2D artist to create a template for our gallery of swimsuits. Individually, each image would be framed with either a raised or lowered white & shadowed border. Inside each frame I would add the desired image to the frame in the proper Photoshop layer.

The visual frame around an image will be smaller than the actual size of the image itself. Purposely leaving a modest amount of white space. Here is where your creative talents will primarily be focused. The art you create in this area and how it interacts with the other frames on all sides will be critical.

I will explain why.

Before our users view any one image, they will be viewing the gallery as a whole. The padding between each image in the gallery will be kept at a minimum, allowing for an element in one image, to appear to continue into its' neighbor.

Your design will fill the white space with subtle flecks & streams of color,  badges overlaying the framed image to denote a sale, or hot item, positive quotes, beach & pool art, and / or a visually simply story of characters simply enjoying the sun with friends & family in their swimsuits from one activity to the next. The story would begin at the top, and end at the bottom as the user visually scrolls down.  You will decide how much could reasonable be packed into the white space without sacrificing a clean look and feel to the gallery

Excellent attention to detail is very important, along with a solid work ethic. 
We want someone with a good eye for detail as well as some one who is creative and has a good work ethic. 
Please maintain maximum edit ability within a well structured and organized layers in Photoshop. 


Even if you don't have art similar to what I am describing, but have an overall strong portfolio, lets talk

We are perfectly willing to pay a competitive rate for your time. So please include that along with your portfolio. 

Portfolios and Rates will help us decide on an artist. 

Please reach out to us here through PM and email at [email protected]

Looking forward to all of the great work.

Thank you!

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