Female anatomy development.

I am a new user on poly count and have been doing my university studies this past year with paint overs and comparisons. For this project I am creating a female from a set of images I have obtained and wondered where I could go for critiques. Would anyone be able to help me? :) 
 ( I can also include images of my reference but she is naked and I'm not sure what the policy is on possible NSFW images.)


  • Brownfox10
    Didn't realize the second attach option.  :s

  • carvuliero
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    carvuliero sublime tool
    Even if you plan to work on a fragment I suggest to block the whole thing first [add basic head and feet ] so you have some way to check if proportions are correct
    Nude pics are perfectly fine on Polycount and its most likely to lead to specific critique rather then generic gibberish

  • Lythrae
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    Lythrae triangle
     Hi :smile: I might not be the best to give feedback but I hope it is of some help!

    I feel like there are some things are out of proportion and makes the model look weird, for example the arms, they seem too thin and short
    and the torso looks too long compared to the legs (maybe its because the feet are missing I don't know :sweat_smile:)

    As @carvuliero said it might be a good idea to block first everything out so you can get a sense on how everything looks together in comparison. For me is easier to block every part of the model in different subtools, and then merge them as I go

    Blocking with subtools
    Ecorche pictures (if you type in pinterest/google ecorche you can get loads of useful references!)

    Also grab as much references as you can (from real pictures to anatomy model)!
    I use PureRef to display them on screen as I work 

    I hope this helps and I'm looking forward to see your work :blush:

  • Brownfox10
    Thank you for the advice @carvuliero and @Lythrae . I still needed to do a paintover myself as it counts towards marks in documentation, but the advice definitely helped. From using both your comments and my paint over most of the problems crossover and I have made a slight adjustment to the model and will continue to update and feed results into this post. I still need to add hands and feet and readjust some of the anatomy at the back, but do you think anything with the front should be adjusted further? 

    The full size reference images being used are below. 

    Thank you guys again for your help, ill repost again soon with another update.

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