Looking for concept artist for Hell project

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We need a skilled concept artist to do give us rough/thumbnail sheets of various demons, devils and hellish monsters.

We would need rough design sheets of 5-6 designs/thumbnails per sheet.
We can pay around $20-$25 per sheet (NOT per thumbnail).
If we do need a single B/W final from those rough sketches we can pay/add $10 more to that price.

Here's a couple examples of what we would need:

We will need quite a bit of demons and devils and monster designs done.
At least 50 -60 monster design (rough) sheets.
Possibly props sheets for hell-type items and primitive settlements and possibly even Hellscape rough/thumbnails.
So being able to draw more than just creatures is a plus!

- Professional anatomy skills and knowledge
- Ability to transfer reference images/ideas into coherent original designs
- Meet deadlines and produce sketches at a good rate
- Being able to clearly show intended designs via B/W sketches
- Being able to design unique monsters

Interested and qualified applicants should email Joseph at:
[email protected]
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