[Rev-Share] 3d and 2d artist needed for a tower defense survival game.

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the game idea is:
- Defend your base.
- you can summon units or build defense towers.
- you can have several unique heros with different skills.
- you can conquer new maps.

3d artist: the game will be mobile game so the 3d models need to be optimised and low tris, also you can rig and animate yourself or use any software for premade animations.

2d artist: for the isometric map and terrain textures also to draw characters portraits and user interface.

i have a 3d artist and i'm the programmer with 15 years of experience in writing codes and logics.
and we are forming a team so we can finish this project and another cool projects

the revenue will be shared among us. (your percent depend on how much hours you spent And your cooperation with the team).

Side Note: if you wanna join us and you don't have much time you can deliver one or 2 peaces and your name will be credited and you will get a percent of the final revenue. Maybe soon you can give us more time ;)

You can contact me if you are interested. Thank you


  • Zizo
    Our team is growing join us now to create amazing game
    I'm still searching for:
    - 2d artist (concept art and portraits) Able to do the hand painting.
    - more 3d artists (3d low poly modeling and animating).

    we have 2 artists so far in our team but we want to have more so we can speed up the process of our projects.
    Join our family now and have fun, learn, create and increase your revenue.. Do you accept this challenge ? contact me :smile: 
    Thank you.

  • Zizo
    Our 3D Squad is now complete,
    We still seeking for one more 2d artist with hand painting skills and digital art.
    Thank you

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