Baby Xenomorph Part 2

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Hello Polycount!

Few months ago I had posted a "Baby Xenomorph" sculpt I had made basing myself on a great concept art by Vũ ThẮng Văn.
This was the result:

I was already planning to bring the sculpt into the next stages, in oder to turn it into an animated real-time character, which means that I also want to rig it and animate it later on.

But unfortunately, I only managed to go back working on it very very recently, and I've proceeded with Retopology, UVs, Baking and Texturing. 

Regarding the texturing phase, for a while I have been undecided about which style and what kind of look to give to this character.
In the end I've decided I would go for a hand-painted/whimsical/cartoony style, with different colours than the traditional "Black/Brown/White Xenomorph" ones.

This is what I came up with:

Its Polycount is about 40k Tris

Since it's still a WIP, I've used a very basic lighting for these renders. I also feel that textures are still improvable.


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