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[KROFTLE STUDIOS] CG Animation/Gaming/VFX Asset Development Service Provider

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Kroftle Studios
An Asset Development Studio - One stop solution for every Asset Development from scratch to production ready!

Kroftle is a boutique studio that offers high-end CG Asset Development services and state-of-the-art visual imagery for all types of digital products like full length animated films, high quality hybrid films, video game cinematics, TV commercials, DVD series and much more.

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website: www.kroftlestudios.com
contact: [email protected]

Gaming Services:
  1. Concept Art
  2. 3D Character Development
  3. Gaming Props / Assets
  4. Hand Painted Texture
  5. PBR materials
  6. Game & Production Riggs 
  7. Facial UI / Blendshapes
  8. Game Animation

CG Services:
  1. Concept Art
  2. 3D Modeling
  3. 3D Texturing
  4. Advanced Rigging 
  5. Hair and Fur
  6. Layout and Staging
  7. Animation

VFX Services:
  1. CG Creature Development
  2. Digi-Doubles
  3. Hard Surface Vehicles/Props
  4. Set Building/Extension
  5. Hires Texturing
  6. Hair and Fur
  7. Rigging

Please check out our work gallery section, at www.kroftlestudios.com/works/
Our few artworks for gaming..

Feel free to contact us for your game/animation/vfx related queries.
Kroftle Studios


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