Mytholojam A 2 months jam project for artist and coders looking to have a great experience

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HI I'm Hetor Santamaria, a 3D artist and project manager for a small game development team. 
We will participate to a two month game jam with "mythology" as a theme. We would like to explore Slavic mythology.
We are going for a first person game where you play as an exorcist, hunting evil mythological creature that haunt houses. It will plays out an investigation/exploration game with a horror ambiance.
The player will need to identify which monster is haunting a place (this is the exploration / investigation part) and then perform a ritual to cast out the evil presence (this is the "horror" part)
The player have in it's possession an encyclopedia describing the mythological creature he's hunting,  how to identify them during the exploration phase, and how to fight them during the "ritual" phase.

We are looking for character artists(if you have experience with animation is a plus) and Unreal coders. You don't have to be an expert but you should display a couple of previous projects you have worked on.

here's some older projects we worked on, this were made just in 4 days.

my portfolio:

Kylen's portfolio:

Saulo's portfolio:

Milo's portfolio: 

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