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Hello! I'm Amanda Elisabeth Surowka, 20, living in spain, though I am from germany. Currently I am studying an HND in Video-Game Art at ESAT, and In a few months I will be going to UK in order to complete my education and get a Batchelor's degree in Game Art. I recently decided to join polycount and i regret not having it done earlier! The community is amazing!

So, now let's talk about this sketchbook, I will be focusing on 2D and 3D art. I have very little time to make art for myself since I work hard on my HND's final project (A game demo with UE4 *yay*), but whenever I am able to sketch something I will upload it here (*ahem* be prepared for my bad art days haha).

I am alright with constructive criticism, so don't fear giving me some feedback. I really like reading them though, it gives me a warm feeling to know other people took part of their time to observe my art and tell me how to improve.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day! I will try to update this tread once a week, most probably on weekends ^^

- Surrow


  • Surrow

    A little warning: I am a big dragon and creature fanatic. So the chance is very high I will be posting A LOT of them, most of them are my own designs.

    This dragon here is a sketch from the 26th of February, I am very proud of this one since it took me only a few hours and the result is way better than my past sketches. I haven't worked on 2D for months, and once I got back, my artistic skill went up like a rocket to the sky. It usually happens to me after a long break from art, and my style changes too every time this happens. It's like my drained art vein needed some time to refill, Ha!

    The personality of the character appeared while detailing her face. I decided to give her the role of a guardian, she is fierce defending, but has a heart of gold. I wanted to highlight it with the tired but warm look she gives, and giving the jaw a "smile" shape. I recently assisted a presentation by Thomas Kutschera, an artist working at Pixomondo, the studio which animates the dragons from Game of Thrones. We saw the full pipeline they use for creating those creatures and I realized that they use a lot of scales on the chest and throat, almost an exaggerated amount, but it looks very good. This is the first time I tried making a throat with a larger amount of scales and it covers a complicated area quite well. I hope you like it!

    Remember: Breaks are very useful for artists, so don't feel bad for not being able to do art every single day. Take it with patience and you will be rewarded.

    - Surrow

  • Surrow

    27th of February - A while ago but here goes another dragon, or "derg", that's how I warmly call them. This one is a full-body sketch of a Drake, noticeable because he has all dragon features except the wings. I tried to keep his skin smooth and leathery. I really like how the expression turned out, quite sarcastic and challenging. I am still not completely happy with the spikes, but I will leave him like this. I usually tend to be a perfectionist, and I labeling works as finished, even if I'm not 100% happy with them, helps me to cope with it. I know that there will come many more days, and many more artworks. :blush:

    About the character: His name is Nero. I think of him as an ancient, eccentric, dragon who often is sarcastic with others. He might even have the role of "grumpy grandfather". Maybe I will work with that Idea and make him babysit some hatchlings, Haha! I will try to work even more on creature expressions since that's a topic which interests me quite much.

    - Surrow

  • zaha
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    zaha triangle
    Hi and welcome!

    I'm not an art professional so I probably can't give you the best feedback, but if you're good with some fanboy amateur comments here we go:

    I really like your dragons, especially the first one. It reminds me of the artwork from Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition, which I really liked. The head looks believable heavy, powerful and proud. It gives of a nice vibe overall of an intelligent creature and not just a dumb beast. Well done there, I guess putting a facial expression in there that's humanly readable but still a bit alien is quite hard and you did a fantastic job of it.

    The second dragon/drake looks smaller and reminds me of a cat somehow. It feels a bit like the chest is too light in comparison to its rear body. Overall it looks pretty light-footed but I guess that was the notion you were going for? He looks rather playful and cheeky. Some kind of size reference would have been nice, like a tree or shrubbery to get an overall feeling for it.

    Anyway, take my input with a grain of salt, keep it up and greetings from germany! :)
  • Surrow
     @zaha I'm glad you liked them!

    I haven't even realized the chest was a bit too light, thanks for noticing. And I will try to get used to make some size references, it's not the first time i hear that, maybe some rocks or vegetation, or even a little environment :blush:

    Greetings from spain!

    - Surrow
  • Surrow



    A little sketch dump in order to get up-to-date with my latest works. I've done mostly some fast sketches because lately I don't have much time due to personal reasons. I enjoy practicing anatomy, and it's funny how I got used to apply feline anatomy to my dragons. It fit's quite good, they are agile, need to jump and run, and got claws. If felines had wings I would consider them "mammal dragons" Ha ha ha!

    I'm trying also to push my gray-scale skills further in less time, getting a good-looking lighting in a couple of minutes. My biggest problem in digital art until now was creating an interesting illumination. Too many times I only made occlusion shadows and not much more. I hope that in the few next months I can start pushing my sketches further and add a little more information like a light background or some props.

    - Surrow

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