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Sketchbook: Amanda Elisabeth Surowka "Surrow"

Hello! I'm Amanda Elisabeth Surowka (21F) and welcome to my sketchbook. I'm a character artist focused on creatures, and I do both 2D and 3D art and will publish them without much story on here. 

First of all, I'll try to keep it updated since it's a nice to showcase my work, but I won't promise since I've made this thread about a year ago and abandoned it for a bit. I'm restructuring the content and reuploading old and new works on here. Enjoy! 

I'd like to keep this thread clean and ask nicely to not engage in discussions, so if you'd like to tell/ask me something please send me a private message (I speak fluently spanish/german/english). Don't worry, I won't bite :3

Have a good day, everyone!


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    Hi and welcome!

    I'm not an art professional so I probably can't give you the best feedback, but if you're good with some fanboy amateur comments here we go:

    I really like your dragons, especially the first one. It reminds me of the artwork from Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition, which I really liked. The head looks believable heavy, powerful and proud. It gives of a nice vibe overall of an intelligent creature and not just a dumb beast. Well done there, I guess putting a facial expression in there that's humanly readable but still a bit alien is quite hard and you did a fantastic job of it.

    The second dragon/drake looks smaller and reminds me of a cat somehow. It feels a bit like the chest is too light in comparison to its rear body. Overall it looks pretty light-footed but I guess that was the notion you were going for? He looks rather playful and cheeky. Some kind of size reference would have been nice, like a tree or shrubbery to get an overall feeling for it.

    Anyway, take my input with a grain of salt, keep it up and greetings from germany! :)
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  • Surrow
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