Technical Artist / 3D Modeller for a WebGL project

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Technical Artist / 3D Modeller required for completion of in-progress project.

                We are developing a House configuration tool using WebGL (driven by Three.js) online. It will provide users the ability to customize and interchange textures on all devices - including mobile and desktops. VR is supported and powered by Three.JS on a variety of devices ( including mobiles via WebVR). Focus is on providing a VR experience for the HTC Vive etc.
                A 3D Modeller / Technical artist is required to deliver several new 3D scenes, as well as optimize and continue work on existing scenes. Work is expected to continue to the end of March / middle of April, with high possibility of future / continued work.

How would a typical work day look like in this role?

• Modeling , arranging and troubleshooting of architectural scenes(houses) in Three.js (WebGL)
Lightmap rendering with Vray
• Optimizing (geometry, drawcalls,instancing) for mobile devices and also for mobile VR.
• Interacting with a multi-national and cross-functional design team and collaborating closely with the WebGL development team

What is necessary to be a great team member?
• Decisive thinkers with exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills
• Expert in 3D Studio Max, experience with Adobe Photoshop
• Good low-poly/UV modeling skills
• adhere to specific naming convention of scene 3d objects, materials, filenames, textures.
• adhere to a *set* FBX pipeline, and best, improve it in the course of work.
• Strong 3D real-time graphics knowledge (and good understanding of modelling, shading, rendering, UVs, optimization)
MaxScript/other scripting language basic knowledge and experience
Lightmap rendering with Vray or any other suitable renderer that can achieve similar or better results.
• Can show a portfolio with proven working experience with game engine(s); Experience with editor-less engines (similar to Ogre3D) considered a big plus.
• experience with GIT / Version Control

• Position requires an experienced technical artist / 3D modeller.

Please PM me your portfolio + contact information. Good Luck to all candidates !


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