[BUDGET 350$] Likeness project, sculpting and texturing for realism

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I am reposting an old project that didn't go well.

I have made a zbrush sculpt, trying to create likeness to a real person. I think it's pretty close but it has issues and its not there yet. The character will end up as full body character, clothed in UE4. 

What I would like from you is:
1. Create the final sculpt for 100% likeness. I will provide all the required HQ reference photos
2. Texture the character for realism. My shader makes use of the following textures: Albedo, Normal, Detail Normal, AO, Specular and Thickness
3. Create a certain hairstyle using Fibermesh or Xgen but with real time in mind. I can provide an obj with a very similar hairstyle.
4. Eyebrows can be painted on to the texture.
5. For eyelashes I will use a simple mesh with alpha channel texture. I include the subtool. You should position and size them correctly.
6. Inner mouth, eyes, tear ducts etc don't need to be textured by you. I include the subtools. You should position and size them correctly.


As an example of the perfect deliverable plese visit the following links:

You must be willing to work under NDA and sign of a copyright transfer agreement at the end of the project

350 USD

I would like to see what similar, realistic characters you have done in the past.
Any question please ask. 
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