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  • Eric Chadwick
    This looks great so far. A few things to think about.

    Her face is the tonal focus, yet the shading of her forms is as rough as the rest of the image, in fact, mostly rougher than his. 

    Her hair needs a bit more love, forms are a bit undefined, lack volume. What reference are you using for the hair lighting? The gray hair patch on the top of her head seems out of place, flat, a rake of rim highlight there might help. Needs some volume all over; I get that it's white hair, but it still needs volume to sell it.

    The moon is as bright as she is, so the viewer's eye is pulled there. But it's very low detail. Either reduce brightness or shrink or add cratering detail?

    The photosource background feels out of place, doesn't match your nice brushwork style.

    Big tagline is a bit annoying, visually. I get the color choice, but it's too much a visual draw. I'd make it as small as possible. People who want to find you will know to look for it. Otherwise it should be unobtrusive, IMHO.

    This is great, keep going!
  • mkamen
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    mkamen triangle
    Thanks a lot for the datailed feedback. Most of the time details doesn't work on my side, so I was trying to keep peaces simple as more as possible for graphic look. I never learned how to use details properly I guess. And unfortunately I didn't use any reference,otwerwise it would look more natural.I will think about contrasts more next time. 
    3d background would be better I think,drawing by hand takes to mcuh time so I decided to use picture to focus more on characters. I will make a note.Thanks again,I appreciate that. 
  • mkamen
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