Polish comic character fanart

Hey im doing a fanart of a comic character which will be put into fanart section of a small reboot of it. I'm mostly done with grayscale but i've got some concerns about it. I'm mostly worried about the head but i don't know if i can fix it on my own without drawing it from the beginning. What should i focus on? 


  • bystry
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    Hi, nice work. What comic do you think about? 
    About your issues: in my opiniom it would be the best solution to rethink light direction. In your artwork it seems to be one main light on fron of character. In my overpaint i changed its direction to be above and right to have better shadows casted by hat and face itself . It gave me opportunity to hide some issues with pose and ged rid of full profile head ancle. Also added some bounced light to add extra dimention to character, please don’t forget about it it will help read your artworks a lot. 

  • Dudikof
    The name is Tajfun by Tadeusz Raczkiewicz :) Thank you for taking time and doing the paintover. I've seen your artstation so im pretty sure you know what you are doing. I mostly agree with the  full profile head. It's been driving me nuts and was looking weird all the time. Gonna use your paintover as a reference and try to do as u said. Thanks one more time :)
  • Dudikof
    Hey, i've done some changes still not sure about head/neck area but i guess my lvl limits me and gotta study more. I've gotta finish this in 3 days so i guess i'll be slowly closing this project. What do you think did i get a little grasp of what you said?

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