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A friend and I have started working on a Tower Defence game and we are looking for a concept artist to join our small team. I’m Matt a 3D artist from the UK and my friend Tom is a Programmer. We have a little prototype working but there is still lots to be done.

Unfortunately we cannot offer pay but if you are looking for focus, motivation and want to be part of a small team working towards a common goal, then we can offer that.

The game, Hexic TD, is a stylised hexagon tile based 3D tower defence game. We would ideally like someone who is able to conceptualise the Gun types, Enemies and Environments but I have started some Environment art so it will give you an good idea of the look and feel we are trying to achieve.

We are both laid back and with full time jobs (both in similar fields to our roles in the project) and we understand that some days you just want to relax.

If this sounds good, or you have any questions please add me on discord: Knil#3412 or email me: [email protected]

Below is a screenshot of the current environment I’m working on.

NOTE: When the game gets to a stage where release is a possibility, we will of course include you in discussions when it comes to money. But this is a way off at the moment.

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