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3D Mobile Parkour Game - Need 3D Environmental Modeler

Who are we?

Team name: Pixel Sheep Entertainment

Hi! We are a team of hobbyists with the intention of starting out small to make a name for ourselves. Once we crank out a few games, Pixel Sheep Entertainment will aim for the stars!

What are we making?

Game name: Pacifist (this is our 1st Game!)

Genre: Runner, Parkour, Cyberpunk, 3D, Mobile

Who are we looking for?

What’s needed: One 3D Environmental Modeler who is able to create 3D models and textures.

We would prefer someone who is comfortable with making props, including environmental objects like buildings, roads, cars, home decor, etc.

How do we run?

Our team has a schedule that we follow, but it’s fairly lenient. As for decision making, we decide things via voting.

Monetary: All profit will be split amongst final members evenly (revenue share / royalty).

How to contact us?

Jackson is the name of our recruiter/lead! Here’s how to get in touch with him:

Discord (main method of communication):




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