Duathfel Concept Art


I'm creating a large mod for Skyrim and have been recently working on some concept art for new assets.

Road Marker:

Squid Jar:


Gem Jar:


  • bystry
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    I really like your linework style! It looks like final assets for nice stylized indie game:) I am very courios how those designs will translate to final game assets. Can you tell more about this skyrim mode and your role in it? Do you work with 3D artist or it is solo project? 
  • Unimpressed_Panda
    Thanks!  I worked with pen on paper first, then scanned the drawings and added color in Photoshop.  As for translating to game assets, some may have to be adjusted or altered to work.  Hopefully I'll be able to translate them fairly faithfully.  I'm trained in architecture, so I have a pretty good sense of how things should be put together.

    I've already started making a model based on the specimen jar, so far so good:

    As for the mod, I've largely worked on it by myself with some help from a few others.  (Most of the help so far has been with the writing.)  I am always looking for help though.  If you'd like to learn more about the mod and maybe volunteer, you can look at duathfel.wordpress.com.
    I also recently posted an update and recruiting trailer that has some more information about the mod.
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