Looking for model and texture artists for a Skyrim Mod

I've been working for over four years on a large mod mod for TES5 Skyrim, called Duathfel.  The mod's aim is to create an engaging story, multiple questlines, and many new areas to explore. While much is completed, there is still a lot that needs to be done.  One of the areas I'd like help with is creating new models and textures to be used in game.  I am no stranger to 3D modeling, but all my professional experience is in architecture...  I've been working on new assets myself, but I figure there may be people here who may be interested in helping with far more experience.

I've created an update video that includes more details about Duathfel.  Part way through the video are a few examples of the models I have already worked on as well as concept art I am hoping to develop into 3D models. 

If you are interested in helping, the application form can be found here: Duathfel Volunteer Application

For more information on Duathfel, visit duathfel.wordpress.com.  I've posted more about the development process, ideas, concept art, inspiration, and so forth.

Thank you for taking a look and feel free to add a comment if you have any questions about Duathfel. I will do my best to answer quickly.

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