[Paid] Complete UX /UI Design for turnbased rpg indie game.

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Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for a complete UX and UI design for a turnbased RPG indie game.   This is paid work.   This is solo indie game effort and I only have a small budget for the entire game.   I really don't want this work to exceed $2000.   (if that's not enough feel free to level set with me).   

The UI must be modern looking, clean, and be uniquely tailored to the game.  

Here is a preliminary list of features that the UI will require.

Character Sheets (up to 6 characters in a party) - includes equipment, stats, leveling screens, paper-doll, traits, skills)
Campaign Mode HUD (time controls, party stats, survival actions,  events, 
Combat Mode HUD (Action Buttons, Action Queue, Message window, Health bars, movement selectors, etc )
Mission Objectives.
Story Dialog Screens
Various Menus / Misc Elements
etc...  (the UX phase will flesh out what is needed for the UI)

The UI will need to work for PC and various Consoles.  I'm not looking to port  to mobile for this version.  The first release will be for the PC.  

The game is written in Unity.   Having the UI elements all prefab-ed out isn't a requirement, but it's a nice to have if you know how.   

Here are screens the UI as it stands now (programmer art).    The campaign mode is a 4x survival / hex crawling system and the combat mode is tactical turn-based  (with camera action sequences -  like XCOM)

Campaign Mode

Combat Mode

The character sheets need a major overhaul.   I have a few ideas for this that will make the UI more functional and tailored to the game, but we will need to work through this during the UX phase. 

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