[URGENT] Looking for artists for a short film

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We're a small team of independent artists who are passionate about making movies. Currently, we're working on a short surreal 3D animated movie. We only have 2 months of time to finish and we're in need of artists. Although we are aware the time is too less but the movie isn't that long and we're positive it will be covered under the given timeline.

What is the movie about?

The movie is about a surreal romantic tragedy of a couple who accidentally come across each other after a breakup. The movie will be covered in under 3 minutes.

What is the progress so far?

We're already done with our Pre-Production - Screenplay, Concept Art and Storyboard. We're currently in Production and we're almost done with one of our set. We had finished our characters as well, however, we had to scrap the old ones out and come up with new ones after we changed the script.

What kind of artists are needed?

I'm currently in the lookout for:

3D Modeler(Environment/Prop) - 1
Substance Artist - 1
Animation and Rigging - 2

What are the software requirements?

I'm looking for artists good at whatever 3D software they're comfortable working on. For animators, although Max and Blender is acceptable, but Maya is preferable.

Post Project Benefits:

I'm aware that unpaid gigs are often looked over but I'm a sole proprietor and although it is unpaid but I'm still liable to give an experience letter by the end of the project. There are chances that each member will receive a hard copy of a book having all the concept art and illustrations made during the making of the film.

If you're interested to be a part of the film, please drop in a mail along with resume at: [email protected]


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