DayZ Cloner Needs Friends

Good day, folks. I'm a Unity Developer and absolutely love zombie games. DayZ was an amazing concept if not poorly executed. I think we can do better than that. I firstly have no intent to sell the game off and can do very little as far as compensation. That said, I have a tiny budget and am willing to pay in ass. By that I mean assets, I'm talking about Gaia, Speedtree, uMMO2, AQUAS, architecture and... well that's all we really need huh?

I'm interested in anyone who has done environmental work or city planning. I also need prop designers for the goodies and collectibles (Soda Cans, MRE's, Propane Tanks, Glocks, Flashlights).

I'm really just looking for a for a fun project, and who knows, maybe we'll surpass the standalone and Arma mods in our journey? The big scope will be third person free-roam shooter. Running zombies is severely overdone, so I'm probably gonna go back to the limping hordes. The player will probably not be able to build their own home, but I'm currently looking for dilapidated building assets that they may nest in for safety. I'm really fond of control systems and state machines, which will separate us from the typical open world trash. Other than that, I'm open to suggestion.

If you have a moderate level of interest or want to see your work in a 3d game, write me a message or send me your discord id thingy. I'd love to meet you and we can discuss ways to make the game. Other than that, I wish you all inspiration, wisdom, and strength.
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