[Art Dump] SteamVR Home: Winter Peak | Animals and Rock Kit

I was the character artist for this map, Winter Peak on SteamVR Home. For those unfamiliar, its basically a "home map" or landing zone for when you're in VR on Steam, where you can access your games etc. All the assets are also available as an asset pack so community users can mix and match to make their own maps :) Had a lot of fun making this map with Scraggy Rascal Studios and Valve.

You can download Winter Peak for free Here!
Marmoset Model Viewers are also available on my Artstation.

While I'm primarily a character artist, our team is very small and we realistically only have a few weeks for modeling, texturing and implementing everything, so sometimes individuals wear a few different hats. So, in addition to being responsible for concepts, models and textures for the animals, I also did some environment and prop modeling and texturing, including a modular rock kit and some community hats.






We needed a rock kit to really populate our map, cement the stylized aesthetic, and to use as a toolbox to build up areas like cave entrances, curved cliffs, and another natural formations with more nuance. We needed it FAST, so my solution was to sculpt a bunch of different sized rock pieces in zbrush, create a lowpoly by decimating those pieces as low as I could, and then baking down to the decimated mesh from the sculpt. I composited curvature, ao and bent normals for the diffuse and then painted over it in 3Dcoat for the final colormaps.

Its not the cleanest solution topology-wise, but it allowed me to iterate extremely quickly (I got the whole kit done in a couple of days) since I didn't have to do retopo by hand, and I can sculpt a better-looking rock faster than I could model it using subdiv or some other method. It also results in pretty nice normal maps and pretty easily correctable baking artifacts in the textures.


There are some things that didn't end up as polished as I would like -- mostly due to time constraints. My main issues were topology related, some models were too dense because I was trying to preserve geo for a good bake -- the topology was functional for animation! it just isn't super pretty to look at and could definitely be optimized. Overall though, I really enjoyed working on this map and hope it shows through in my work!

The map has released so these assets are 100% done and will not be updated, but if you have any comments or crit I'd still love to hear it, even if I can't apply it to these particular models anymore.

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