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(Profit Share) HELP NEEDED! - UE4.16 VFX - New VR adventure / thriller on Vive and Oculas

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Hey all

I am working on a VR adventure / thriller narrative as the producer and sound designer.
We are two mates, working full time jobs to support ourselves while we work on our project.  
It is a zero budget project and we are getting close to finished.

We need to do the animations and particle effect implementations and we need help with the final few bits.

- Particle VFX
- UE4 Implementation in version 4.16
- VFX programming

- some character animation.

We do not ever expect anyone to work for free and all we currently have to offer is a revenue share in the project.
We are open to some negotiation and also discussion regarding expenses is small amounts.

you can see some captures at


I hope to hear from you.


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