[WIP] Nordic Mountaintop Environment - Tyrs Climb

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Hey folks, I've been working on this environment for a bit now and I feel like I'm beginning to spin my wheels in place a bit with it.

The goal is to create quite a solemn mood to this abandoned mountain climb, leading up to a beacon meant to warn the mortal realms of danger. I was heavily inspired by the gorgeous work of Sony Santa Monica Studio on the latest God of War game, and wanted to make somewhat of a tribute to it.
Certain parts of it are still simple blockouts at this stage but any and all feedback would be appreciated!


  • Nattyoop92

    I am currently working on a mountainous scene. Just wondering with your cliffs, are they built of smaller rock meshes or fully sculpted cliff sections?

    The snow texture looks good against the rock, maybe when it comes to lighting, don't know if you have done the passs yet, but I would recommend lighting some of the scene which is probably in the shadow of the mountain currently to draw the players eye.
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