[WIP] Victorian Style Furniture

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Hello everyone.

I recently started working on some more props.
Right now i am working on this coffee table. 
All of the swirly details are missing. I am not sure if I should sculpt them. Painting them directly in Substance Painter feels kind of more appropriate.
I don't plan to damage the table. Some minor wear and tear, but nothing too drastic. 
Length: 120cm
Width: 70cm
Height: 50cm

Feedback would be very appreciated. 

Not low poly (obviously)


  • MrJar0
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    MrJar0 triangle
    I think i am pretty much done with the coffee table.
    This thing ended up with 5k tris. Most of them are in the legs. I tried to reduce the amount, but the swirly part of the legs starts to break as soon as i move the camera. Settled for this version.
    For the decorative parts i used the alpha stamps from JRO Tools.

    ~5k tris
    1x 4k Texture Set (Base Color, Normal, Roughness, Metallic)

    Feedback would be very appreciated.

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