[CLOSED] Concept art for upcoming real-time 3D game project (environments & characters)


Hey everyone - thanks very much for the interest in the project... however, we have already found someone for this role!  We may hang on to some of your names / portfolios for future jobs, though - you all are super talented!

Quick Summary:

Help NineZyme define an artistic style for a brand new game project - by creating various pieces of concept art to be market researched with the target demographic!

Detailed Description:

As the artist, you will be given a description of 2 environments and 2 characters from the game (set in a real world 1920's time period).  The goal is to create multiple concept pieces of each using various art styles - realistic vs abstract; modern vs classic; cartoonish vs photographic; proportionate vs exaggerated; low detail/poly vs high detail/poly; etc.  Because of this, the appropriate artist should be very well rounded, and capable of many different artistic techniques.

The total number of concepts should range around 15-30, depending on the overall quality and 'completion' of each one.  It is not expected that each concept be fully polished - it will likely be a combination of rough, pencil, ink, flat, and color.  Each piece only needs to be completed enough to accurately convey the idea to a 'general audience'.  For instance, a concept which explores proportions may be fine at a rough or pencil level - whereas one to explore shading would most likely need to go to a flat or color level.

Workload / Payment: €1250

The timeframe for this project is mostly up to you.  Amount of time per concept will vary based on your skill level, dedication, and the amount of detail needed to get the idea across.  Full-time or part-time involvement is acceptable - however a maximum time box of 6 weeks to complete the job would be greatly appreciated.

Next Steps:

After this stage of the project is completed, the concept pieces will be tested with the expected audience - and one will be chosen for continued development.  If the relationship with the artist goes well, it is very possible that there will be more work available for her/him after this decision is made.

Also, if you have additional skills outside of concept art (3d modeling, rigging, animation, etc), it would be worth mentioning what you can do!  Those skills will also be needed in later stages of the project, and continuing a relationship with a very capable artist would be preferable.

Fine Print:

  • Only individual contributors will be considered for this role - no development 'chop shops' please
  • Must have a minimum of business-level English communication skills (written and spoken)
  • Your internet connection must be suitable for an occasional video chat
  • All pieces created will be fully owned by NineZyme and may not be used in other projects without express written consent (you may, however, immediately use all work in your portfolio - regardless of the status of the project)
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