Samurai (Real-Time Character model)

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Yuzach polygon
Hello, polycount people! 
This is my first topic here  o:) I've just finished modeling the Samurai character.
You can check out the full project on my Artstation:

The original concept is by Kati Sarin S. (
I've started it as an entry for the Feodal Japan contest, but I should have started earlier, so I decided to take my time and experiment a bit more with texturing, rigging, etc. 

The whole thing is around 30k tris. The high-poly was sculpted in Zbrush, then I used Maya for retopo, UVs and rigging; Substance Painter for baking and texturing; Marmoset for rendering and presentation.
I'll share some WIPs and screenshots below. 

Close-ups, Wireframe & render:

Hi-poly in Zbrush:

Low-poly and rig in Maya:

Texturing in Substance:

And here are some very early WIPs that I was posting in the contest topic of Artstation, but now the topic is gone as I haven't finalized it xD 

I've started blocking-out from spheres and dynameshed them together:

Noodling with the kimono

Finished up the face:

Making retopology in Maya:

Finished hi-poly in Zbrush

Thanks for watching! 
Hope you like it! :)


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