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Announcing ESTRA | Recruitment Thread | Unreal Engine 4

Welcome to ESTRA.

Estra is a third-person team oriented strategy game where the goal is to work together and destroy the enemy headquarters, located at the opposite side of the arena.

At the beginning of each match, you will start by selecting a spirit and creating a load-out. The spirit you select will be your in-game character and your load-out will consist of eight weapons, four builds and four gadgets.

Builds can be defined as a static entity which will provide a unique advantage to your team while placed in neutral or controlled tile. Be careful though, as they will turn against you if you lose control of the region. Builds can range from small turrets ideal for defence, to large artillery cannons assisting in the capture of uncontrolled tiles. Keep in mind that all builds can be player driven by the controlling team when needed.

This is where gadgets differ, as gadgets can still be placed, but not controlled as they are typically more simple in mechanics. Land mines, boosting platforms and other small devices would be considered a gadget.

Throughout the game, spirits will level up in two ways. By leveling up, you to stack on additional health points and strengthen your load-out. The most common way to level up your spirit is to kill your opponents and destroy monsters which can be found throughout the wildness. The second way to level up your spirit is to capture tiles and assist in securing objectives.

After leveling, you will be given access to build an outpost, which can be found in the centre of your builds selection wheel. Creating an outpost allows you and other team members to spawn on the outposts position as well as granting you and other level 3 spirits access to spawn in vehicles as well as changing weapons, builds and gadgets.

To expand your accounts arsenal and collection of spirits you will need to acquire our in game currency. This currency will be distributed in the post-game after analysing your match performance. All players within a squad will contribute the same fixed figure. When the game ends, your kills, deaths, assists, captures and other variables will be tallied and your match outcome will be assigned a value. This value will be combined with all the other players in your squad and you will receive a percentage of the total contributed currency. By implementing this system, players who out preform their squad are rewarded with a higher in game currency. The highest achieving squad will receive an “Ace” bonus. All squads on the overall winning team will also receive a winning bonus.

Now that you have an understanding of how the world of ESTRA works, We would like to thank you for taking the time to read about our project and hope to hear from you.

What we are looking for:
Given that the project is operating under a Royalties payment method, the requested positions will not have any minimum requirements. If you are interested in working on the project, simply get in contact with any of the listed contacts so we can discuss your ability and see if you are a good fit for the team.

We are looking for:
+ Concept Artist

+ 3D Environmental Artist

+ 3D Weapons Artist

+ Blueprints / C++ Programmer

+ Music Composer

Implemented Content:

Selection Wheel

Tile Capture System

Turret and Character System

A special thank you to Kris for creating the displayed content above. If you are in need of a talented programmer who is confident within the Unreal Engine, feel free to get in contact with Kris via Skype or email.

Email: kriskirovbusiness@gmail.com
Skype: metal_shout

Given that the project is operating under a Royalties payment method, no official payments will be made until the project generates revenue. Dedicated hours to the project from each team member will be recorded and then totaled nearing the completion of the distributed patch. Divided by percentages, each member will receive a percentage based off their overall contribution at the end of each month until all members have received full monetary payment for their work.

Feel free to get in contact If you have any questions about ESTRA or the content shown in this post.

Email: projectestra@gmail.com
Discord: Guide#5568
Skype: live:projectestra
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