[WIP] One person short film!

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HI there!

You may or may not know me but during the following months I’ll be sharing the breakdown of a short movie I’m creating on my own with you.

Yes! It sounds crazy but I’ll tell you what led me to jump into this.

I am a 3D artist, and since the beginning of my career I’ve been moving throughout different industries with the goal of learning the entire 3D production pipeline. 

I started in the architectural industry, modelling and rendering high-end images. Then, I moved into the creative agency world where I started modelling characters. This is what ended up landing me into the mobile video game industry, where with a lot of self-training, I’ve become the guy who develops rig systems to help the game come alive.

A year ago, I started struggling with my career path since I felt like I was moving away from any creative or visual process. This pushed me to kick off a project of my own. A piece in which I could combine and showcase everything I’ve learnt throughout the years with the goal of achieving a high quality piece in both visual and technical aspects.

Our careers can be a little bit solitary. So, here is where I invite you to be part of this journey. Any piece of feedback and professional advice will be very welcomed and much appreciated. 🤙🏽

Ok, so... thank you in advance for your time and any future interaction you might have in this project!




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