Texture Sets possible?

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EDIT: sorry, just read a post by Joe below explaining the process. It's 6am and I''ve been up all night texturing the asset mentioned below. My brain is shutting down..... :)

I've been baking in S Painter for over 2 years now, but have been doing some tests in TB to see if there's any benefit over Painter. Apart from Skew Painting and cage sculpting I've realised that the AO/curvature bakes are far better quality and much faster. The speed isn't a big issue as I'm gaining that back by not having to import/export between SP/TB...........but those AO/curvature bakes though...... :)

I've done some tests with bake groups and everything is working out great, but the one area I'm not too sure about is how does TB deal with texture sets?

As an example, a project I'm working on in Painter at the moment has 10 texture sets. These are all set up in Max with paired high/low naming and MatID. The asset is 49 separate parts that are all baked with 'match by mesh name'(which is all good in TB terms with bake groups)

All 49 parts are exported in the same .FBX file with MatIDs to distinguish texture sets. So, what is the workflow for setting something like this up in TB? Is it based on MatID too?

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