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Artists needed for a narrative driven horror game

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"Cut off from civilization and mourning the disappearance of his wife, acclaimed author and historian, professor Edwin Roberts, plunges himself into the research for his next book – an investigation into a host of mysterious stone ruins hid deep within the clutches of an ancient forest.

But when bizarre events begin to occur, Edwin starts to fear that the ruins, the hostile locals and Cynthia’s vanishing might all be connected. And then there’s the terrifying figure stalking him from within the treeline…

As paranoia seeps in, and isolation takes its toll, Edwin finds himself plunged headfirst into an ancient enigma, a folkloric nightmare of cosmic horror…"

The Project:
- First person narrative driven horror game built in UE4.
- Search for hidden clues and unfold the story with the way you play
- Get immersed within the rich surrounding world
- Feel the tension rise as anything could be lurking behind the corner
- In the end, you get to have a huge narrative decision

Our goal
We work towards making the game have quality rather than quantity. This means that the game is fairly short considering the standards of a modern game but which also gives us more time focusing on making an immersive world with attachable characters.The aim is to have a "movie like" experience
without forgetting the gameplay, that grabs the players and leaves a lasting impression.

The team
We are from all over the globe. Our team consists of 10 people including me. Currently filled positions are:

- 3D Artist
- 3D CharacterArtist
- Concept Artist
- 2 voice actors
- UI Designer
- Generalist
- Composer
- Team lead/Game Designer

What are we looking for

We are currently looking to fill the following positions for the pre-production: Environment concept artist, 3D Environment artist, 3D prop artist, Storyboard artist

Our projected timeline is as follows:
- Pre-production through the end of Q4 2019
- Full game prototype mid 2020

The game is relatively small in scope – large enough to be significant in a portfolio, small enough to be viable with a team working part time at a steady, structured pace. To be clear, no one on the team is being paid either salary or lump sum, though any revenue generated will be shared.

The project will operate on a week-by-week, deadline basis. Within that week, your schedule is up to you. We understand that a non-salary, part time position will not be your first priority during the week. Essentially, we’re all flexible, but we’re also all committed.

Environment Concept Artist
- Able to produce high quality semi-realistic environments
- Good understanding in photobashing to speed up the process
- Can create environments creatively based on references and told vision
- Can create illustrations as well as quick sketches when needed
- Is able to commit for a 3 month period minimum

Storyboard artist
- Good artistic skills
- Able to vision scenes through screenplay
- Ability to bring the story it’s own new flavor that fits the original vision
- Has previous experience in drawing storyboards for a previous project
- Good understanding of cinematography
- Good understanding how to light sketches

3D Prop Artist
- Knows how to create realistic and high quality prop models and textures of any kind
- Understands the asset limitations to gain good performance
- Knows how to bake high poly to low poly
- Can create high quality textures
- Able to commit for a 3 month period minimum

3D Environment Artist
- You feel natural in making realistic and high quality foliage models and textures
- Understands the asset limitations to gain good performance
- Knows how to bake high poly to low poly
- Can create high quality textures
- Able to commit for a 4 month period minimum

The ideal candidate (all positions):
- Is looking to build their portfolio
- Has experience working in a team
- Has a year of minimum experience in their field of work either by being self taught or other means
- Is fluent in English (the product is in English, as is our communication)
- Self motivated

If you’d like to apply, please email a brief introduction and a link to your website/portfolio to official.coldpizza@gmail.com

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