Concept of Submachine gun [in Process].

Hi, guys! My name is Vitaliy and I very enjoy to draw Vehicles, Props, Military stuff, Weapons etc.  A few weeks ago I've started to make weapon concept for joy and education. At the same time, I reading book advised my friends "Composition in engineering" by  Yuriy Somov - very good stuff about hard surface design, so my Concept is some sort of "homework" - I using theory and methods from this book in the decision-making process, an I hope you'll enjoy it like me.

When I started I didn't know what exactly I want. I have only some  few orienteers  like:
- Cyberpunk brutal stylistic,
- Realistic enough,
- Good for hidden carrying (under the coat, for example)

 Most of the things appeared in the prosses of thinking. At that moment I didn't t have good knowledge of how guns are work, so I had to watch a lot of videos of guns disassembly, read articles about weapons and their constructions.

Firstly I started to make random shape sketches just, so that just "to start"  to do something. (sometimes make the first step without plan or inspiration is very important - "the road arises under steps of someone who goes" )

I used brush and photobashing techniques on this stage and found one good version. Number one was good but his forms were very static and boring and I added some changes in this prototype - diagonal magazine and grip for more dynamical shape ( now I understand what it was a very uncomfortable process of recharge ), and other stuff like a laser sight, suppressor etc. 

Then I continued to search shapes based on variant 3.


Using theory materials from the book I understood what diagonal magazine and grip forming a triangular shape, align shapes on the same line and a "general stream" of lines or forms (1 - blue and orange lines ) is a good method to harmonize forms, to make them like a single entity.

From these variants, I liked first (have a good general flow of lines, an rhythm), sight in variant seven, and 11 because it has a very compact size. On this stage, I got an idea to embed magazine into the grip and check what happens - variant 13.

After all, before making a final decision, I added some other ideas and variants and started mixing them. But at some point, I understood what made too many variants [like a little gun arsenal] (I'll try to finish most liked variants 1, 4, 5, 6, 9, after final chosen one because for me they are nice looking)...

I checked idea about automatic pistol (high caliber too), "frame pistol grip" (11 -15) [when you can see how much ammo you have], about horizontal magazine (5) - like P 90 has, some typical revolvers formes and etc...

Strange situation, but after a long search of interesting forms, making of lots of steps, reading lots of materials and references I finally choose a simple and immortal classic like Ingram MAC-10 or UZI (Number 7). I felt like a prodigal son who came to the home...



  • Ganibhal
    I made a simple 3D model and checking the first-person view, improve and add details.

  • Spicy_Mayo
    Hey man, awesome work!  I'm loving the variations you've made, especially on the second page.  #7 seems especially strong, I might just adjust the scope and play with the stock a bit more, (maybe the stock can telescope in and out of the back of the gun)

    For the Machine pistol/smg I would play with the proportions a bit more. The length of the barrel is about the length of the handle with the magazine as well as some of the internal shapes. You can use a square shaped smear brush in photoshop set to 100% and just drag your shapes in and out until your proportions are where you want them to be.  

    From the side view of your 2d sketch, your details are shaping up nicely, I would just adjust the location of the charging handle so it doesn't obscure the sight of the player (if youre making this for a game)

  • Ganibhal
    Thanks, Spicy for the feedback - I actually forgot about proportions ... But anyway I continued the process and made some other variants because when I did it in 3d it seems to me very boring and unimpressive. 

    I checked some variants of main proportions and "visual flow"( variant 4 has a good dynamical align like a Steyr AUG rifle - [orange line] and triangular main form,  opposite - the number 7 has a very typical but strong rectangular one with the rhythm of horizontal lines and 30/70 proportions of muzzle breaker to guns length. In scetch number eight I changed stuck and magazine proportions and checked idea of holographic sight on the top of it. In one moment I wondered about AK 47 and M 60 barrel shape (number 1) and added part of him for good stopping one. Other variants its just adding of stocks, grips, sights, other little forms for variety and searching interesting combinations.

    On the basis of the previous  stage, I made some additional photobash sketches. Be glad to read your thoughts about this variants in comments. )

  • Ganibhal
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