Painterly 2D UI re-do for mobile game

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Hi there polycount, I have a game that I have made and I am looking to get someone with 2d skills to give the UI a fix up. I have made a basic UI that imitates the style I am going after, the brightness/colors, the necessary components, etc. You can see a screenshot of my ui svg file here:

 and here is a picture of the UI in game:

I am looking for a professional looking, yet cartoon-like, mobile game UI, based on the components above (and maybe more as I build the game out further). I'm thinking something more painterly and playful, but not too childish. Pretty much a textbook torchlight-esque style mobile game UI. I have a moodboard of some inspiration:

This game is something I'm making in my spare time so I am not in a rush for this project. I have the game preeeeetty much to a point where I can release it, and if it does ok then I'll put more work into it. I don't want to spend any more than $1000 on the game before release, since it's just me working on the thing, so please keep this in mind when considering this project. If you're interested, message me via the forums and show some work you've done in the past which you think is relevant.

 - Stormy


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