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10-week intensive concept art workshop with Chimirus!

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Registration is live at: https://www.chimirus.com/conceptart 
Info at https://www.chimirus.com/ 

I will be instructing a 10-week local intensive concept art course with Chimirus_School right here in Chicago, which will begin spring 2019! Chimirus specializes in digital art training in the Chicago area. This course will include live demos and critique as we focus on rendering, storytelling, and more.

10 weeks, 3 hours/week, 100% concept art.
  • 3 start-to-finish practice projects
  • Live demos, lectures, handouts, and exercises 
  • Real-world concept examples 
  • Background in color, light, and shape theory
  • Professional, real-world application 
  • Tons of lectures, live demos, examples, and class exercises 
  • Professionally art-directed reviews to polish your work
  • Usage of Adobe Photoshop on Wacom Cintiq Drawing Displays
  • Resource guide
  • Certificate of completion 
I'll be sharing my process on projects from start to finish. Very small class sizes guarantee one-on-one attention with every student. Learn more about the class here: https://www.chimirus.com/conceptart 

Thanks for lookin! Feel free to contact Chimirus with any questions: https://www.chimirus.com/contact/ 
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