Critique Please (light and shadow study)

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Hi everyone, so I'm trying to into the hang of painting lights and shadows, I've hit a wall. Been drawing for around 6 hrs today and I noticed the facial proportions look off. I'm going to fix the face tomorrow, as well as start on the hair and clothing. I just would love feedback because I feel stuck and like I've been overcorrecting things this entire time. 

Also, I'm going to post the reference that I'm working from. I'm not trying to get her features down I just want to be able to correctly show light and shadow.

Thank you.


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    lotzoh polycounter lvl 2
  • Eric Chadwick
    This is great so far!

    One thing that's helped me with proportions is to draw from life, daily (or as often as I can). I settle on drawing my own hand, usually because I can control the length of the pose, and refer back to it across interrupted sessions.

    By repeatedly drawing the same subject, I can really see where my mistakes are, it helps me see what I need to focus on.

    Also, by drawing from life I am using my depth perception to help me see the forms. Working from a photo, I only have one eye, so it's a bit more difficult to judge forms & proportions.

    You would think that a static picture would be the easiest to translate into a drawing, but for me the depth of real life adds a lot of information to shapes.

    Drawing a sculpture is another great way to get a real-life subject that stays still.

    Keep at it!
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