2D Character Concept Artist (Freelance)

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Cthomp13 null
Hi All,

We are looking for a character concept artist, for a game currently in production.
The task would creating more renditions of existing characters. We'd want to stay mostly true to their original design, however adding some of your own style to the characters should be fine.

Below are a few of the characters we would be redrawing.

We are looking for someone who has a great style, that can take these characters and make them even better.
We want someone with a good eye for detail as well as some one who is creative and has a good work ethic.


If you don't have art similar to our current art but have an overall strong portfolio we can always talk about it and move forward.

We are perfectly willing to pay a competitive rate for your time. So please include that along with your portfolio.

We can clarify better exactly what one of the redrawn character might entail.
But for now Portfolios and Rates will help us decide on an artist.

Please reach out to us here through PM or to email at [email protected]
Looking forward to all of the great work.

Thank you!
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