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Dear polycounters
I'm looking for (on behalf of the "Vertical Ventures Company" in Switzerland) a freelancer who is able to make a castle model based on historical model.

The castle can be seen only in an exterior view, so a design of the interiors is not necessary.
The castle contains no animated elements.
For the rendering the current version of the Unreal Engine will be used. It would therefore be desirable to have experience with this engine (material part).
Since the model is based on historical data, I have already created a raw version of the castle with the corresponding elements (placeholder models). There is also an old rendering, which gives further information about the design.
Despite editions you have certain freedom of design.

The work must be delivered as individual assets.
The design of the textures (diffuse, normal, spec, rough, disp, etc.) are part of the order.

I work as a modeler on the project and coordinate the individual work. For questions about the design and technical requirements, I will give you detailed information.
The castle is divided into individual elements. If interested, only a few of them can be given as an order.
The obj file with the raw version of the castle, I can send - if someone wants to first make an idea of ​​the size and complexity of the castle.
The time budget is relatively tight and is about 5 weeks.
The whole castle with all parts is budgeted at 6'000 $ (additionally possible bonus).

If you are interested in this job, send me a link to your portfolio or individual work.
I have to see some architecture examples from you. Ideally in the style of Medieval or Fantasy (other styles are also ok).
If you have also done material work (eg in Substance Designer) I am also interested in them.

(Details can still change.)



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