Marmoset cannot bake models with multiple uv sets/materials ?

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Peksio polycounter lvl 3
Hello. I am having problem with baking in Marmoset Toolbag 3. I wanted to ask you for your help.

I am baking fine in Marmoset various models with simple uvs in 1:1 uv space and one material.

But lately I wanted to bake a little bit more complex model. I am talking about 3 diffrent materials on low poly, each material with diffrent uvs.

I use smart importer, check "Multiple Texture Sets", it is properly seeing names of my materials with diffrent uvs. I hit bake and ... nothing. First it take some ram, then it is going on 1 thread on cpu for hour or so, then ram drops from few gb to around ~100 mb and then it leave me no choice but to kill process.

What am I doing wrong ? Or maybe Marmoset isn't able to bake with 3 materials/uv sets after all ? (Substance is doing fine btw. :P )



  • EarthQuake
    Multiple UV/Texture Sets are supported, all you need to do is apply a material per UV set to your low poly mesh and enable Multiple Texture Sets, so you should be doing everything correctly. It sounds like Toolbag is freezing when you attempt to bake, which may or may not be related to the texture set feature. Does the scene bake when you try with Multiple Texture Sets disabled?

    Some more info would be helpful.

    What are your system specs?
    Operating system
    GPU/video card
    Video card driver version number
    System ram

    How many triangles does your high poly mesh have?

    Do you have the latest video card drivers installed? If not, try updating.

    Which version of Toolbag do you have? The latest is 3.06. You should get a prompt to update if you're using an older version, if you don't, you can go to to download the latest installer.
  • Peksio
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    Peksio polycounter lvl 3
    I was using version 3.05. I updated nvidia drivers, still nothing. Then, I updated to 3.06 and everything magically works :smile:

    So it's like, this options are in interface of 3.05 but they start working in 3.06 :tongue:

    Anyway, now it works and I can have fun with it. Thanks
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