[Art dump] Vind - Stylized Characters and Props

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Some characters and props I worked at for the Vind-project at Forgotten Key. Vind was an non-violent 3rd person adventure game where you play as Mila a shape-shifter with the ability to turn into a bird and soar the skies. This was the second project (first one being Down the Well)I worked at while at Forgotten Key and sadly since the studio is shutting down nothing will likely ever come of this. You can get the demo[s] here: https://krumbukt.itch.io/vind

Trailer (footage from an earlier build):


Mila 2.0 

Mila was redesigned towards the end of my time with the project to be more in line with the quality of the NPCs and have a more manageable hair.

Mila bird form

The Watcher of the Veil

Acal tribe villager

Orvar and Kid


Idonian villagers

The plan for the game was to have a wide variety of NPCs so we went with a modular approach with 6 bases each having 4 different skintones, 16 different clothes sets and about 12 sets of hair.

Auk Statue

This is a statue of the main character of AER: Memories of Old made early on as an test, while Vind was more a spiritual successor this was still included as an homage while pitching.

Props and structures



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