3D Animation Video Making Tool


i need some one who can create a small 3D animation video making tool something similar to Plotagon but for advance 3d animation video level and quality.Plotagon is an 3D animation video making tool where anyone can create 3D animation video automatically using the presented assets in Plotagon. There are also 5 functions in Plotagon like Scene,Dialogue,Action,Sound,Music.But for this small tool
sound and music not required currently.If anyone is have problem in understanding then here are the video links to Plotagon tool.

for more details freelancers please check the youtube links and contact me after watching the plotagon tool video.My budget is $1200  contact me at [email protected]
freelancers must also know coding and programming as they will have to develop a 3d tool

current budget is $1200 but if necessery will pay more.
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